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“Jesus Movement” started as stickers in 2016, and this year a church in Smithfield, NC decided to go a step further and make a banner out of what used to be on the bumper sticker.  The banner is proudly displayed at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Smithfield, NC.

Soon after, more churches followed suit, and now North State Signs & Wraps has sent these banners as far as Washington State, Maine, Delaware and to even more locations.

Banners are hemmed, and have grommets.  They are made of 13 oz. weighted vinyl.  Easy to display and come with an option to add the church’s service times.

If you choose the larger banner (24″ x 60″), use the link following this sentence to tell our graphics team what you want your banner to say. Instructions for Large Banner

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“We are the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement” – Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Last year, 2016, the Episcopal Church launched bumper stickers displaying the “Jesus Movement” message.  This year, 2017, North State Signs was tasked to create what used to be a bumper sticker into a banner.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Smithfield, NC made the request for the banner, and now the “Jesus Movement” banner is being made and sent all over the nation to other Episcopal Churches.  North State Signs & Wraps would like to send your church one of these high quality banners too!

These banners come in two sizes, 18″ x 60″ for the low price of $30 for one.  Then there is an option for a 24″ x 60″ banner that will allow your church to display their service times.  The 24″ x 60″ banner cost $40.


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