Feather Banners

Feather-Banners-Sail-Banners-Flag-Banners are most commonly referred to as sail banners or flag banners.  In fact, they are suitable for many indoor and outdoor events.  Moreover, these special tall banners are another option and can be more effective rather than the traditional rectangle vinyl banners.  Most of all, many of our customers want their location to STAND OUT as much as possible!  Therefore, effectively advertise your logo or message along your storefront or road.


  • 4 oz. Polyester flag material
  • High resolution digitally printed at 720 x 720
  • Dye sublimation
  • Scratch resistant
  • Washable

Also, our attractive Feather-Banners-Sail-Banners-Flag-Banners will flap in the breeze and add more fantastic appeal along your storefront or community.  We have provided these flags for many customers involved in:

  • Retail establishments
  • Property management
  • Residential and commercial leasing spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Special Event – Parties, Weddings,
  • Car Dealership

Almost all traffic can view these vertical banners rather than traditional banners that blend in with the background.  Feather banners can be customized and are available with hardware options including a heavy duty cross base or ground stake to fit to your pole set.  Because customers need everyday and common messages, our “Ready-to-Go! Feather Banners” are available with common messages.  These messages such as Grand Opening, We Finance, Now Leasing, and many others! These banners can be shipped many times same-day and are especially relevant to many industries!

We know most customers would rather deal with a REAL brick and mortar sign company to make sure your products are done right.  At North State Signs & Wraps, you can get to know our entire fantastic crew!  Contact North State Signs & Banners TODAY and let us help you order one of these eye-catching Feather-Banners-Sail-Banners-Flag-Banners we sell!


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