Conference & Trade Show Backdrops

Backdrops-backdrop-banners-conference-displays-trade-show | We love to design and provide these grand fabric pieces to our customers!  We are in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina but we ship nationwide!

We provide many backdrops-backdrop-banners-conference-displays-trade-show, by Orbus!  In fact, we carry the most recently designed displays in the industry.  Customers can choose the Formulate® and Modulate™ Fabric Backwall collection.  Further, the products are sophisticated and ergonomically designed.  Also, customers may choose backdrops that come in many sizes including backwalls of 8ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft wide.  Also, exhibit kits combine a state-of-the-art zipper pillowcase fabric graphics with advanced lightweight aluminum tube structures.  As such, All backdrops are the perfect combination of form, sophistication and function. Backdrops are available in four collections including Essential & Lite, Modulate, Master, and Designer Series, there is a solution for any space and need.


Formulate® Essential & Lite displays combine easy-to-assemble, basic frame features and printed fabric graphics for impactful displays that set up quickly! Also, essential displays are available in tabletop, 8ft and 10ft inline options, and feature simple aluminum tube frames that connect with bungee cords. Finished with pillowcase fabric graphics that slip over the frame.  Moreover, displays are available at a low-cost and are a wow-inducing solution. Formulate Lite displays are simple, portable and set up in 5 minutes or less! The lightweight aluminum frame assembles with simple push-button connectors. Simply stretch the fabric graphic over the corners and an impressive backwall is complete.


If managing a tradeshow schedule where there are multiple size spaces to plan for, Modulate™ is the perfect exhibit system. Further, Modulate pre-defined inline kits can reconfigure easily into smaller exhibit sizes with no extra parts or packaging. Additionally, the Modulate series’ of reconfigurable exhibits provide over 20 options to choose from to form unique, modular fabric displays. Customers can maximize theirr value in a versatile, reconfigurable system!


Formulate Master 8ft, 10ft and 20ft backwalls and exhibit kits combine simplicity and style for an ideal display solution. Additionally, they are available in a variety of styles including straight, vertical curved, horizontal curved and serpentine curved, the options to choose from are extensive. Further, tube frames easily assemble with the use of push-button or spigot connectors; graphics simply slide over the frame and zipper for closure. Customers may choose display lighting, Master Backwall Accents, counters, kiosks and more.


The Formulate Designer series of 10ft, 20ft and 30ft inline backwalls feature unique angles, features and stylistic elements, making them modern and sophisticated exhibit solutions. In addition, customers can buy the Designer series of backwalls couple lightweight aluminum tube frames with push-fit SEG and zipper pillowcase fabric graphics for a clean, stylish appearance.

Customers interested in backdrops-backdrop-banners-conference-displays-trade-show, don’t hesitate and call North State Signs & Wraps today!!  We are in downtown Raleigh off of Capital Blvd. on the Wade Ave. exit.  You may call us at 919-977-7053 or click the link below and one of our crew members will call or email you!


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