A business with NO sign, is a sign of NO business!!

Our Family At North State Signs

Heather Johnson – Graphic Design/Sign Production GENIUS

Heather Johnson is a Graphic Designer, and is great at what she does.  Customers can come in to North State Signs & Wraps with just an idea or a thought, and Heather can translate that thought into artwork for their digital print, vinyl, poster, car/van wrap and more.  We are happy to have her as our lead Graphic Designer.

She is currently continuing her college education to ultimately finish her four year degree.  As family, we cheer her on as she strives to achieve her degree, GO HEATHER!

Heather has one child (see picture).  Sean recently turned two years old.  Heather enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially Sean.  Come on by the shop and have Heather work up some art for you and/or your business.




Elmer “NO FEAR” Monroe – Lead Installer











Al Brown has been in the sign industry for over 30+ years.  He is 3M Certified, and there is nothing he fears when it comes to signs.  As he walks the hallways, signs seem to bend over as if to bow at his ability to stretch vinyl as he wraps a vehicle, or his ability to work with cut vinyl and shape, and bend sign products at his will.

Seriously….Al is amazing at what he does, and if anyone has met him, they know that he is a joy to be around.  He brightens the shop with humor, an infectious laugh, friendliness and care for every person that walks through our doors.

Al brings a special set of skills, and we are honored to have him as one of our family at North State Signs & Wraps.  He is married, and in his off time, enjoys spending time with his family.


Larry Moose – “The Muscle”

Larry Moose was an integral part of North State Signs & Wraps during the re-branding period.  If you read the history section (https://northstatesigns.com/about-us/history/) you will see that in 2015, North State Signs & Wraps was created.  Larry Moose has been faithfully showing up through that transition in 2015 until today.

Larry helps in production and installation of signage.  He can just about move “mountains” if you ask him.  I know that when we moved from Hillsborough Street to our current location on Capital Blvd, he put the sign shop on his “back” and helped move our high quality equipment.

If you come visit us at North State Signs, and hear the deep bass voice talking in the back….that’s Larry.  If you hear some good ole’ 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music…that’s probably Larry jamming to some tunes.  Ask Larry about history, and he can just about tell you when the first sign was made.

Larry is a great person, kind and gentle giant, and he would give a stranger the shirt off his back.  When Larry is off work, he enjoys relaxing at home, and spending time with his mom.


Chance Hall – “LITTLEBEAR”

From humble beginnings in the small village of Cana, VA – Chance finally made it to the big city and joined the best sign shop in the Triangle area (and possibly the world).

He is a multifaceted technician specializing in lamination, yard signs, and polite communication.  He is a wordsmith with his words, and the keyboard winces when he types.  The phone melts as he speaks.

When he is not busy giving his absolute heart and soul for our wonderful shop, he can be found at his home in Cary watching film and practicing guitar.